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Half Time Full Time betting

A Half Time Full Time bet is a form of double bet on the same match.

The bettor must select the outcome at the end of the first half, and at the end of full time. It is primarily available for soccer betting where there are nine possible outcomes.

A form of double bet

In effect, the half time full time bet is a straightforward multi bet, in that two single bets are combined to create one wager. The key difference is that the bet is packaged differently by the bookmaker; as such, it is more easily understood and readily available, making it more popular with players. Although most commonly used for soccer betting, it is also available on Australian sports like AFL and NRL. Sportsbet even allows the use of the bet within its Same Game Multi bets.

Half Time Full Time betting explained using an example

We know with soccer betting, that there are three possible outcomes with the popular Win Draw Win bet type. A Half Time Full Time bet combines two Win Draw Win bets together, one for the first half, and one for the full-time result. Therefore, there are nine different possible outcomes. See the image below for the possible outcomes for the opening match of the 2018 World Cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia:

Half Time Full Time betting example

The favoured result ($1.91) of the nine possible outcomes is for Russia to lead at the end of the first half, and then at full time. The next most likely result ($3.65) is for scores to be level at half time and Russia to be in front at the end of regular time.

Betting sites that offer Half Time Full Time bets

Half Time Full Time AFL bets

Half Time Full Time betting is also used for betting on AFL and NRL matches. As a draw is unlikely, but not out of the question, at the end of either half or full time; there are only five possible outcomes:

    AFL Half Time Full Time outcomes:
  • Team A / Team A
  • Team A / Team B
  • Team B / Team A
  • Team B / Team B
  • Any other result

Bookmakers use ‘any other result’ outcome to eliminate the need to reduce the number of outcomes to five.

Bookmakers and application

While there may seem like many possible outcomes for soccer Half Time Full Time bets, it doesn’t compare to the number of outcomes possible with correct score betting. Most bookmakers offer half time full time betting on a range of different sports.