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Win draw win betting

A Win Draw Win bet is a wager placed on a match that has three possible outcomes.

Typically, the bet type is available for betting on soccer matches, where the draw is a likely outcome due to the low scoring nature of the sport. Win Draw Win bets are also known as three-way bets and 1 x 2 bets, and they generally only apply to the full-time result of a soccer match, ie. The score as at the end of 90 minutes of play.

Similar to head to head betting

The Win Draw Win bet type is similar to head to head betting, in that it is the bet type that most accurately reflects the winning chances of each outcome before any handicapping is applied.

Win Draw Win betting example

As with all sports bet types, the Win Draw Bet is best explained using an example. Let’s consider the market for the 2018 FA Cup between Chelsea and Manchester United:

win draw win betting explained

Win Draw Win market:

  • Chelsea $2.88, the Draw $3.00 and Man United $2.60.

There are 3 possible outcomes for the FA Cup final, as at the end of normal time (90 minutes):

    Three possible outcomes:
  • Chelsea win
  • The match is a draw
  • Manchester United wins

Of course, if the match is a draw, the FA Cup final would go to extra time and then penalties if required. For the Win Draw Win market though, the end of regular time (plus any injury time) represents the end of the period for the wager.

Betting companies that offer Win Draw Win betting

All betting sites worth their salt accept Win Draw Win bets, as they are the most popular form of market for soccer betting. As such, the bet type is available when using betting offers. Some bookmakers will run promotions whereby they refund the bet stake with a bonus if the match results in a draw.

Win Draw Win bets and handicapping

Win Draw Win markets form the basis for all types of handicap betting, including Asian handicap betting. Some forms of handicap betting still result in 3-way bet outcomes that include a home win, a draw and an away win, while other forms eliminate the draw. An abbreviated form of the Win Draw Win bet is the Draw no Bet market, whereby bets are refunded if the match results in a draw.