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There are now many betting sites operating in Australia, each offering a slightly different range of bet types and products. We recommend choosing bookmakers that are licensed and regulated to operate in Australia by one of the State or Territory governments.

As explained in our betting guide, this will ensure that:

  • you are protected by Australian consumer law
  • the betting site is not offering betting services illegally
  • and that they abide by a code of practice to provide a safe and responsible online environment

The table below lists Australian betting sites recommended by Bet Types.

Australian betting agencies


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Tips for selecting a bookmaker

Here you can find our reviews of each betting site, based on our experience and research. When selecting a bookmaker, you should consider:

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License and regulation

Ensure they are licensed and regulated in Australia.

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Responsible gambling policies

Ensure they have adequate measures in place to protect you.

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Sports betting products

Look for agencies that offer the best sports betting products.

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Horse racing bet types

Make sure they offer excellent value horse racing products.

Products and services offered by betting sites

Outside of the different horse betting products and sports bet types offered by betting sites, there are a number of value-added products and services that you should consider.

The best odds

There is nothing more important in betting than securing the best odds. Over time, access to higher prices leads to better returns. The best betting sites provide the best odds and products that deliver better value prices.

Live streaming and sports content

Many Australian bookmakers now offer a range of streaming and content services. Quite often these are completely free for members. In some cases, you will need to meet a condition in order to enjoy the services. For example, you may need to have placed a bet within the past 24 hours. Betting sites pay the governing body of the sport for the right to offer the services to their members.

Debit cards

A number of betting agencies now offer debit cards to their members as a way to make the deposit and withdrawal process more efficient. The key benefit of these cards is that you can withdraw cash from your account, or pay for goods and services, at any time just as you would a normal bank card.

Other resources

It can be useful to read reviews about the different Australian betting sites from other sources. The Racing Files website publishes a detailed guide of new and reputable betting sites.

One feature that betting sites do not provide is betting tools that will help you make better betting decisions. Our bet calculators can calculate the cost of any bet and assist you find the best bet choices to maximise your profits.

Different types of betting site promotions

There are many different types of betting promotions, sometimes referred to as bookmaker specials, deals or free bet offers. For example, you may qualify for a bonus bet promotion if your horse finishes second or third in a race.

Again, it’s important to understand the difference between each type of bonus bet, and the pertaining qualification and terms. For example, a cash back refund is far more lucrative than a bonus bet refund. The various types of betting promotions are explained below.

Cash back refunds

Promotion type whereby the bet stake is returned in cash.

Early payout

A form of promotion where the bookmaker will pay out winnings on a bet before the event concludes, if certain criteria are met.

Bonus bet refund

A form of betting promotion that sees a bookmaker reward a bonus bet for a losing wager that meets certain criteria.

Odds special

Promotion whereby the betting agency offers highly inflated odds on a particular outcome.

Percentage bonus

A promotion that offers to pay out an additional percentage bonus on top of the ordinary winnings.

Australian betting sites legislation and regulations

Traditionally, gambling legislation in Australia has been developed by the States and territory governments. The Australian States regulate gambling and provide licenses to operators, as they are the ones who derive revenue from these activities, and not the Commonwealth Government. The process changed somewhat back in 2001 with the development of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

Interactive Gambling Act 2001

The Interactive Gambling Act was introduced to protect Australian citizens from the negative effects of online gambling. The Act prohibits:

  • The offering of interactive gambling services to customers in Australia
  • The advertising of interactive gambling services to customers in Australia
  • Live or in-play betting
  • Unlicensed operators to offer regulated gambling services (ie. Unlicensed bookmakers)

Importantly, online sports and horse racing betting is not prohibited by the Act. For consumers, it is legal to gamble and bet online in Australia. However, we draw attention to the prohibition of unlicensed operators in the Interactive Gambling Act 2001; this section is designed to protect consumers from rogue operators. For this reason, it is recommended to bet with betting sites that are licensed and regulated in Australia.

Australian law snapshot

Legal age to place a bet The minimum age to bet either in person or online in Australia is 18
Internet betting Internet betting is allowed in Australia
Is gambling tax free Winnings from gambling are considered tax free for recreational players. Players that bet professionally should seek advice on taxation matters.

State and Territory legislation

While the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 forms the basis of Australian gambling laws surrounding online betting, much of the responsibility still rests with the States and Territories for legislation within their territory. As such, many of the laws that apply to betting in Australia, are provided by the States and Territories.

List of State and Territory Regulatory Authorities

Regulation of wagering operators

The States and Territories are responsible for regulating, issuing licenses and upholding the integrity of sports and racing activities in their state. Their responsibilities include the issuing of licenses to online bookmakers.

Betting laws are different in each State

Australia’s complicated legal framework for gambling and betting means that there are different laws for betting activities in each State and Territory. The area that accounts for most confusion is the legislation surrounding the advertising and promotion of inducements to bet. Some State bodies have far more stringent regulations on bonus bet promotions.

Responsible gambling

Each Australian State and Territory also provides support and practice codes for responsible gambling. This subject is garnering considerable attention from the Commonwealth Government too, and this may lead to a consolidation of certain gambling laws surrounding responsible gambling soon.

Consumer protection

While the State and Territory regulatory bodies are largely responsible for governing betting activity within their jurisdiction, consumers also have protection under Australian Consumer Law. No betting operator should: mislead, provide unfair terms or use questionable sales practices to coerce players to wager.

Summary of Australian gambling laws

The crux of it for Australian consumers is that betting online is legal. However, betting online during an event is prohibited. As explained in our betting guide, the laws in Australia are complex. Registering with a licensed operator, and understanding what promotions are available in your jurisdiction, will help you to navigate the betting landscape with confidence.