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Betting guide

Our guide to online betting covers Australian laws and regulations, selecting a bookmaker, placing a bet and using high-level strategies to boost your profitability. Most importantly, we explain principles like arbitrage betting, that will help you to stake correctly and gamble responsibly.

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soccer players playing in front of goal

Sports betting

Everyone understands what sports betting is, yet so few know how to do it well and profitably. Our sports section provides detailed examples of the different sports betting types, who provides them and when it is most beneficial to use them.

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finish of an international horse race

Horse racing betting

Understanding the various horse racing betting types is very important for both the beginner and advanced punter. Knowing how bookmakers work and the cost of placing different types of horse bets is the key to a successful horse race betting strategy.

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Bet calculator

Online betting can at times require serious thought and complex calculations of bet costs and potential returns. Our free bet calculators help you place an assured bet.

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Betting sites

Finding a reliable and reputable betting agency that is licensed to operate in Australia is important. Our reviews allow you to compare each of the product offerings from the different betting sites and select a trustworthy operator to handle your bets.

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Bonus bets

Bonus bet regulations vary from state to state and some states prohibit certain types of bonus bets. Our guide to bonus betting details the regulations in each Australian state, explains the different types of bonuses and provides a list of bonuses that can be claimed by new customers.

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Sports betting in Australia

Sports betting means placing a bet with a bookmaker on the outcome of a sporting event. If you’re aged 18 or older, it is legal for you to bet on sports in Australia.

Sports betting accounts for less than 4% –  of total gambling expenditure in Australia. It is also growing in popularity, with the latest statistics showing that sports wagering increased by 13% between 2015 and 2016.

An ever-changing landscape

Traditionally, Australians have placed bets on horse racing events. From the first Melbourne Cup in 1861 to Phar Lap’s hey day in the 1930s, horse betting was and remains an extremely popular pastime for Australians.

The introduction of online betting in Australia has opened the gateway for betting on a wider array of sports. If you like, you can wager a bet on local sports like AFL, rugby league and union, soccer, cricket, netball, tennis and many more. Online betting also gives you access to betting on the outcomes of international events, including American Football (NFL), American Basketball (NBA) English Premier League (EPL) and many others.

Secrets of successful punters

You can improve your betting profitability with:

  • a thorough understanding of betting regulations, principles and terms
  • a strategy to take advantage of the available bet types, bonuses and promotions
  • a range of tools and bet calculators that assist you to bet

Used wisely, this knowledge will maximise your chances of winning. More importantly, it places you in control. Responsible gambling is integral to the enjoyment and success of online betting.

Pro Tip

Understand the bet you are placing, analyse the risk and reward, track every bet you make, set a date to make withdrawals from your account.