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Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is a concept to ensure that online betting companies and service providers uphold the highest of standards and practices to protect consumers from the adverse problems of gambling.

Our site, educates sports bettors, both beginners and experienced on all facets of online betting. The primary focus is to empower you the bettor, to use all of the available resources to make informed, rational decisions. Responsible gambling is fundamental to this objective.

Types of gambling

Gambling in Australia can be categorised into two major areas: games of pure chance, and games combining skill and chance.

Games of pure chance

Games of pure chance include poker machines, lotto and some casino games. No skill or thought will affect the outcome of these games, and they are mathematically programmed to favour the operator long-term and ensure that gamblers as a collective, lose. We do not provide any content on our site for games of pure chance.

Skill and chance

Games that combine skill and chance include poker, blackjack and betting provided by bookmakers on sports and horse racing events.

Online bookmakers code of practice

As many of Australia’s online bookmakers are licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory government, many abide by their code of practice for responsible gambling. The South Australian government has also developed a code, which many operators adhere to, you can view the code here.

Stages of responsible gambling

Responsible gambling can be split into three stages: prevention, early intervention and support. Below we provide some tips on how to bet wisely and responsibly as preventative measures for all recreational bettors. We are not experts on early intervention and support measures, and instead refer you to professional bodies:

Gambling intervention and support

The following bodies provide support for the adverse effects of gambling:

Prevention via sound betting practices

The best mode of defence to the adverse effects of betting is early prevention; learning to bet thoughtfully and rationally. Below we explain some measures that will assist you in betting sensibly and responsibly, our guide also provides broader advice on the principles to betting wisely.

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Track your bets – know your performance

Whether you are considering placing your first bet, or you regularly wager large amounts, you should track all of your bets and understand how much you are turning over, winning or losing. We have developed a betting tracker that you can use to track all of your activity with various betting sites.

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Only bet what you can afford to lose. If you are a recreational bettor, you should not believe that you are going to profit from your betting pursuits. Bear this in mind when making deposits and placing bets.

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Deposits and withdrawals

You should track all of your deposits and only deposit what you are prepared to lose. Importantly too, you should look to make regular withdrawals from your betting account, rather than have money sit idle.

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Pre-commitment limits

Many Australian betting sites provide pre-commitment measures that allow you to set deposit, time and bet limits. If you are starting in the world of online betting, you should strongly consider applying these limits to each account. In our bookmaker reviews, we provide links to each wagering operators responsible gambling policy, pre-commitment limits and self-exclusion measures.

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Never bet with credit

Do not bet with money that you do not have. If you are making a deposit, do so directly from your bank account and not a credit card, or if you do deposit from a credit, transfer funds from your bank account immediately to pay for the transaction. Thankfully, lines of credit are no longer offered to Australia customers from online betting sites, if you are offered credit from a bookmaker, report it immediately.

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Bonuses come with terms and conditions

Be informed about the terms and conditions surrounding the various bonus bets and promotions offered by online betting sites. Understand that if a bonus bet is successful, the operator will often require you to turn over any subsequent winnings before you can withdraw that money.

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What is your motivation?

Is sports betting purely a recreational pursuit? If it is, you do not need to wager large amounts of money. Satisfaction can come from correctly predicting the outcome of a match, and it need not be associated with a large amount of money. If your motivation is to profit from your betting activities, then understand that you are not likely to do this in the long run.

Early intervention and support

If you would like to implement some interventional strategies to ensure you are betting soundly, we refer you to the state and regulatory bodies mentioned on this page.

Self exclusion with bookmakers

Reputable Australian wagering operators allow you to ‘take a break’ from your activity by placing a hold on your account and restrict access to their betting platform.