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Best betting sites in Australia

There are now many betting sites operating in Australia, each offering a slightly different range of bet types and products. We recommend choosing bookmakers that are licensed and regulated to operate in Australia by one of the State or Territory governments.

As explained in our betting guide, this will ensure that:

  • you are protected by Australian consumer law
  • the betting site is not offering betting services illegally
  • and that they abide by a code of practice to provide a safe and responsible online environment

The table below lists Australian betting sites recommended by Bet Types.

Australian betting agencies


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Tips for selecting a bookmaker

Here you can find our reviews of each betting site, based on our experience and research. When selecting a bookmaker, you should consider:

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License and regulation

Ensure they are licensed and regulated in Australia.

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Responsible gambling policies

Ensure they have adequate measures in place to protect you.

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Sports betting products

Look for agencies that offer the best sports betting products.

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Horse racing bet types

Make sure they offer excellent value horse racing products.

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Bonus bets on offer

Consider sign up bonuses and ongoing promotions.

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Betting site reviews

Read expert reviews from experienced bettors.

Products and services offered by betting sites

Outside of the different horse betting products and sports bet types offered by betting sites, there are a number of value-added products and services that you should consider.

Rewards programs

Several Australian betting sites now offer loyalty rewards programs, where you can earn points for opening an account and wagering on nominated events. Bookmakers often provide bonus bets that are paid out in rewards points. Points can be redeemed at any time and usually on a range of products or services, not necessarily betting related.

Live streaming and sports content

Many Australian bookmakers now offer a range of streaming and content services. Quite often these are completely free for members. In some cases, you will need to meet a condition in order to enjoy the services. For example, you may need to have placed a bet within the past 24 hours. Betting sites pay the governing body of the sport for the right to offer the services to their members.

Debit cards

A number of betting agencies now offer debit cards to their members as a way to make the deposit and withdrawal process more efficient. The key benefit of these cards is that you can withdraw cash from your account, or pay for goods and services, at any time just as you would a normal bank card.

Other resources

It can be useful to read reviews about the different Australian betting sites from other sources. The Free Bet Deals website publishes a detailed guide of new and reputable betting sites.

One feature that betting sites do not provide is betting tools that will help you make better betting decisions. Our bet calculators can calculate the cost of any bet and assist you find the best bet choices to maximise your profits.