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Sign up bonuses are now banned in Australia

Australian betting sites are no longer able to offer sign up bonuses to new customers.

On May 26 2019, new legislation came into effect that bans the advertising of all sign up offers to new Australian customers. Previously, sign up offers were available to you if you lived in a state where they were not outlawed. Certain promotions to existing customers from eligible states are still available. For an understanding of the different types of bonus bet offer promotions, click here.


As explained in our betting guide, legislation on online betting varies between each Australian state, with each government providing their own set of regulations. In terms of bonus bets, sign-up bonuses are the most heavily affected. If you are from any Australian state; current legislation forbids betting operators on enticing new players with the promise of a sign-up bonus.


Deposit bonuses

Betting operators may still offer a deposit bonus to their existing customers, but it certainly won’t be advertised. It may appear as a notification when you next log into your account, or you may be notified via email or SMS. We explain each of the deposit bonuses available from Australian betting agencies in detail below.

Matched deposit bonus

A matched deposit bonus is a type of reload bonus where the betting agency awards a free bet based on the deposit amount. In many cases, your deposit amount is matched, though occasionally a bookmaker will of a bonus that is a multiple of the deposit amount.

A matched deposit bonus is the most common form of deposit bonus.

Pro Tip

Pro tip: Rather than wait for a deposit bonus to lob into your account, start looking for betting promotions that offer refunds or price boosts.

Matched first bet bonus

A matched first bet bonus is a less appealing type of offer as the free amount is dependent on the amount of the first bet placed. For example, to earn a $500 free bet, you need to place an initial bet of $500. We value them less highly than deposit match offers.

Boosted odds bonus

Some betting agencies will offer an odds special on a popular event, the special may be tied in with a deposit condition. Normally maximum bet amount restrictions are placed on these types of offers. They are not as attractive as matched deposit bonuses.

Winnings boost bonus

A winnings boost is another form of deposit bonus incentive. While this type of new account offer is less appealing than others, it nonetheless provides the opportunity to derive some extra income. Many operators also use this type of bonus for betting promotions to existing customers.

Insured bet offer

Another form of bonus is an insured bet promotion, where a bookmaker will offer to refund any losing first bet. If the first bet wins, there is no bonus; it is only awarded if the wager is unsuccessful.

Pro Tip

Pro tip: When evaluating the insured bet offer, check to see if the refund is returned in cash or as a bonus bet. A cash-back return is preferred as your bet amount is returned unconditionally. There is no guarantee your bonus bet will win, and if it does, there will likely be turnover hurdles to overcome before you can withdraw your winnings.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is one that does not require a deposit or any financial commitment from the existing player. They are seldom offered by betting agencies as the recreational nature of the offer is often abused. No deposit free bets are though commonly offered by bookmakers to their existing customers, though the amounts normally range between $10 and $20.

Which type of deposit bonus to go for?

Generally, the matched deposit bonus bets are most rewarding. The chief reason being is you do not need to risk the full deposit amount on your first bet to receive the free betting money. We believe this is why the matched first bet offer fails all other offers, and in our opinion, does not encourage the practice of responsible gambling.

Insured first bet deals can be rewarding, especially those that are cash back offers. While no deposit offers are the cream of the pie, they are harder to come by. As is recommended for all aspects of Australian online betting, always read the fine print. Don’t just compare the dollar amount on offer from each bookmaker, evaluate the type of sign up bonus that is on offer, and understand your obligations.