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What is Best Tote?

The Best Tote bet type pays bettors the highest dividend declared by the three national totes.

The VIC TAB, NSW TAB and, UBet, all run separate pari-mutuel betting pools on the same horse race. Dividends can often vary, so the Best Tote product guarantees punters the highest of the three prices.

Best Tote is also known as Top Tote. Many Australian betting sites brand the product slightly differently.

Best Tote betting example

Best Tote bet type explained

The example shows the variances in tote prices for a horse race with three runners: Winx, Black Caviar and Phar Lap. The highest dividend declared for Black Caviar is $5.80 with the VIC TAB. The Best Tote product will, therefore, pay $5.80 should Black Caviar win the race.

The following betting agencies offer the Best Tote product

When to use Best Tote

Best Tote is a highly useful racing betting product. It is best used in the 30-minute lead up to a horse race when other bet types like Best of the Best and Top Fluc are no longer available. However, Best Tote should not be used when the Top Tote Plus bet type is available, as it pays the best of the three tote prices or the starting price.

Best Tote is most useful during mid-week meetings when it can be a better option than taking the current fixed odds price. It is a superior bet type to the Mid Tote and the Home Tote products.

What is Best of 2 Totes?

Best of 2 Totes is a bet type that pays the higher of the VIC TAB and NSW TAB dividends. It is not often available from bookmakers but, may be useful in some instances to secure a better price than that offered by the Home Tote.