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What is Mid Tote?

Mid Tote is a bet type that pays the bettor the second highest dividend declared by the three totes.

Mid Tote means middle tote, as the middle dividend is the second highest dividend. It is usually made available by online betting agencies on weekday or non – metropolitan horse racing meetings.

Mid Tote is also called Midi Div. Mid Tote Place is the second highest place dividend declared by the three different totes.

Mid Tote bet example

Mid Tote betting explained

The example above shows a three-horse race. There are three different prices for the first runner, Winx; $3.30, $3.40 and $3.60. The Mid Tote price for Winx is $3.40, as it is the middle of the three prices.

Bookmakers that offer Mid Tote betting

When to use Mid Tote

The Mid Tote product is useful when superior horse racing products like the Best Tote and Top Tote Plus are not available. The Mid Tote estimate should also be compared with the current fixed odds price, as it may be worth locking in the fixed price for the selection, rather than run the risk of the Mid Tote price decreasing.

Mid Tote + 5%

Betting agencies sometimes offer the Mid Tote + 5% product, where a 5% boost is applied to the Mid Tote price.

What is the Home Tote

Home Tote is a bet type where the punter receives the winning dividend declared by the default tote for the bookmaker. It is essentially the same as placing a bet with the TAB itself because the dividend will be the same.