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Best Betting Offers 2021

Bookmaker betting offers can come in all different shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common. They have been designed to give you something as a punter.

This could be a welcome offer, an offer you can take advantage of each week, something for the big game or something completely different.

The table below lists the best UK betting offers.

All betting sites have their own betting offers in the UK, most of them have numerous sports bets bonuses for players to claim, some even having an appealing casino bonus to go along with it. The bets credited to your account are very simple to claim. It is worth having a look at the different betting bonus options, the promo codes and more of what the online betting sites can provide, prior to registering with them.

Why do Bookmakers Give Punters Betting Offers?

Some of the betting offers that bookmakers give out to their punters often look too good to be true. The fact is that the market is so competitive right now that the bookmakers have to do all they can. This means not only gaining new customers but also keeping hold of the ones they already have.

All of this comes together to make this one of the best times to bet, things have never been this good for punters. With the right bookmaker, you will be able to take advantage of a big welcome offer with your new bookmakers and then use their betting offers as an existing customer to ensure you keep getting a good service.

It is not always the biggest brands in the business, like William Hill, Paddy Power etc who provide the most appealing offers, in fact it can actually be the smaller betting sites that offer the best sign up bonus, bonus bet and also the more lenient terms and conditions, which include wagering requirements, deposit method, bet markets, minimum stakes, qualifying bets settlement and more.

Betting Offers for New Customers

When you sign up with a bookmaker, you will be able to take advantage of a welcome offer. These betting offers are some of the best you can get, and they are often really big. This means you can either place one big free bet when you sign up with them or multiple smaller free bets, which are great ways to get your new account underway.

The reason why bookmakers have these betting offers is to attract new customers. Whether this is people opening up their first betting account, moving to a new betting company or opening a new account to use as a second account, these offers can be used to get it off to a great start. This is the max bonus you will claim at a bookmaker, with some allowing you to claim hundreds of pounds in bonus funds so easily, it is not something they do often.

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of welcome bonus, this is where the bookie make your deposit matched, up to a certain amount. The more you deposit, the more you receive in bonus funds, allowing you to make more risk free bets.

One thing to note is that the bonus will expire at some point, all bonuses expire, they are not around for ever so it is important to take up appealing bonuses whilst you can. To get the most in terms of bonus funds, it is recommended to deposit and wager the max stake, in the long run this may prove to be more beneficial.

Betting Offers for All Customers

When you think of betting offers, this usually means an offer that you can use while placing your bets and not one that you use when you sign up. These are known as existing customer offers and every customer can use them to enhance their experience and hopefully make some additional profit.

Accumulator Betting Offers

One of the most popular betting sites offers that punters can take advantage of is accumulator betting offers. There are a few different versions of this offer, with each one giving you a different offer to focus on.

Acca Bonus Winnings Offer

This is an accumulator offer that many people use when they are placing these bets. With this, you are hoping for a winner because if you win you will receive a bonus amount on top of the standard winnings.

For example, if you have a winning acca bet then you will receive the winnings plus a 10% bonus. Many of these offers will give you an increased winning percentage if you have more selections in your bet, so a 10-team accumulator will give you a larger bonus than a six-team accumulator. These usually require a minimum number of teams to qualify for the offer, with most bookmakers having the minimum number set at either four or five.

Acca Insurance Betting Offer

The other popular accumulator offer is the acca insurance offer that many bookmakers offer. Some will offer either insurance or the bonus offer, while some will offer both and you will have to choose which one you want to have on your bet.

The acca insurance offer is a consolation offer that you can use just in case your bet falls just short. This offer will kick in if you place a qualifying bet and you lose out by one selection. For example, place a seven-fold acca and have six winners out of seven and this insurance offer would kick in.

The offer will give you your money back, some bookmakers will give it you in cash while others will give you it as a free bet, but either way, you get the chance to place another bet and try again.

There will be many punters out there who feel like they fall short with many of the accumulators they place and if you are tired of being one short of a big win then this is the offer for you to take. Do this and if you lose, while you will still miss out on the big win, at least you get the chance to place another bet without paying and try your luck again.

Horse Racing Betting Offers

Horse racing is a sport in which there are many offers for punters to use during their betting. You can use these on a daily basis to try and make your punting more profitable, and one difference between horse racing and some other sports is that you can use more than one offer on your bets.

Best Odds Guaranteed

This has been a long-standing horse racing offer, and while it has changed over the years, it still remains the best horse racing offer. The majority of bookmakers offer their players the chance to use this offer, and when you are betting with them make sure you take the price as you will be paid out at the SP if that is bigger, so you cannot lose. Best odds is a bonus that applies to many different sportsbook markets, not just horse racing betting, but also football betting and more.

Check the Best Odds Guaranteed Times

Something that a handful of bookmakers have done recently is narrow the window of their best odds guaranteed being in place. For example, some bookmakers only offer this on bets placed on the same day of the race, bets placed the night before will not be eligible.

Money-Back Offers on Horse Racing

Something else that many bookmakers offer is a variety of money back offers on horse racing. These come in many different forms, with each bookmaker having their own type of offer that you can take advantage of.

They have one key thing in common though, they all work with a consolation and if that happens then you will receive your money back. This may be as a free bet, or it may be back in cash, each bookmaker approaches this differently but you can use either your free bet or the funds you get back to place another horse racing bet.

Money-Back if 2nd

This is one of the more popular horse racing betting offers and a great one to take advantage of. You receive your money back if your selection finishes second with this offer. This is usually on selected races, for example, the first race of the day at a big meeting. You may also see this offer as money back if you finish 2nd behind the favourite, which means for you to get your money back your horse needs to finish 2nd with the favourite winning the race.

Faller Insurance

This is another popular horse racing betting offer that is for national hunt racing. This is usually on selected races or on every race at a selected meeting and gives you your money back if your horse is a faller in the race. Sometimes horses do fall in national hunt races, but to prevent that and give yourself a fair chance of winning, check out the faller insurance offer with a bookmaker.

Horse Racing Bonus Offers

If you are looking for bonus offers that give you bigger winnings when you bet on horse racing, then multiple bets are the best way to go to take advantage of these.

Bonus Winnings on Horse Racing Multiples

Bets such as Lucky 15/31/63 bets give you the chance to earn a bonus on top of your winnings. These bets are not easy to land of course, but if you are lucky to have four winners in a lucky 15, five in a lucky 31 or six in a lucky 63 then you will get paid out the winnings from your bet, as well as a bonus.

These bonuses vary between the bookmakers, so if you intend to place these kinds of bets then it is best to shop around. The bonus could amount up to a very big sum too, as these bets are known for producing huge returns, sometimes four or five figures. Therefore, even if you are only getting a 10% bonus on top of that, you are still looking at an additional sum that is going to be great to receive.

Betting Offers on Other Sports

Generally speaking, you are more likely to see betting offers when the big events come around. For example, when you get to a major tournament in any sports, you are more likely to see a betting offer you can use there than at a regular event that happens on a regular basis. The premier league being one of the most common competitions for betting offers and promo codes to appear.

Betting Offers for Golf

A popular betting bonus that golf fans will like is enhanced each way betting on the big tournaments. Traditionally these are paid out on the first four or five places by bookmakers, but on the big events this can go up to six, sometimes more and it can be as high as 10 with bookmakers who are looking to attract a lot of business.

Betting Offers for Tennis

The major tennis events are where you will find big betting offers that you can take advantage of. This could be money back if your player is eliminated at a certain stage, or bonuses on your tennis accumulators on the games that take place each day. Tennis fans can look out for these and get a good betting deal when the big events come around.

Free Bet Club Offers

If you are looking for a general betting offer that can be used each week without the need to bet on certain sports or at certain events, then a free bet club would be the best for you.

Use the Free Bet Club to Gain Weekly Free Bets

This is a great way for regular punters to earn free bets. The bookmakers that have free bet clubs will require you to spend a fixed amount each week and if you do that, you will receive a free bet to use, usually for the week after.

For example, if you spend £30 or more in a week then you will receive a free £5 bet from your bookmaker to use the following week. Offers like this are great for regular punters, and they will pay for one of your bets the following week, giving you a free chance to win some profit.

Anyone who bets on a regular basis should be on the lookout for a free bet club like this. If your bookmaker doesn’t offer one then maybe it is time to look and find one, as you are missing out on a lot of free bets that you could earn.

Terms and Conditions

The dark side to any betting bonus is the terms and conditions. These are rules that you must follow in order to claim the bonus funds and then eventually to be able to withdraw them. With sports betting offers, there are quite a few different terms and conditions that you will notice, some are more important than others. Examples include selected games or competitions, whether it is valid with cash out, is the stake included in returns, days expiry, bets required, payment method exclusions apply, withdrawal restrictions apply, and more restrictions apply, which you will see when you go to claim a bet. Some promotions may even require you to place the qualifying bet using an app.

Compare the restrictions between bookmakers in order to see which offers are easiest to get your hands on and then use this to choose the best betting site to register with.


Where do I find the best betting offers?

Look out for these offers with the bookmakers that you are signed up with. Those you don’t have accounts with will advertise their offers so you can see them and decide to sign up if you wish to use them.

Which is the best betting offer to take advantage of?

This is a personal question, and all down to your betting style. What you should be looking to do is take advantage of the betting offer that matches the bets you place as much as possible. This includes the sport, for example, if you like to bet on horse racing, be on the lookout for the best horse racing offers.

Which sports can I use betting offers on?

The majority of sports have offers available that you can use. Offers such as the accumulator bonuses and insurance offers can be used on a variety of different sports, so you may find yourself using the same offer across a number of different sports.

Can new customers use betting offers?

Yes! You can take advantage of the welcome offer when you sign up and during your time with the bookmaker, you are able to use the offers they have as often as you like.