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What is a duet?

A duet bet requires the bettor to select two of the first three runners in any order.

A duet is a scaled down version of both a trifecta and a quinella bet. Duet bets cost less and the odds of winning are greater; however, the dividends are also smaller. A duet bet is a pari-mutuel product where the dividend varies and is not easy to predict. Duet bets are only available for online betting in Australian.

Duet example

duet betting explained

The example shows that four horses have been selected to fill two of the first three places. There are six possible combinations, so the cost of a $1 unit is $6. A duet bet can also be paired with a flexi bet to control the exact cost of the wager.

Duet cost

The cost of a duet is very similar to a quinella and depends on how many selections are included to fill two of the first three places. If 3 horses are selected, the duet will cost $3, if 4 horses are selected $6, 5 = $10, 6 = $15. Our duet bet calculator, allows you to calculate the exact cost of each bet.

Betting agencies that offers duet bets

The only bookmaker to offer the Duet bet type is the tote (Tab). There isn’t enough demand for the duet for it to be offered by other online betting agencies to offer the duet bet.

Similar bet types

Duet betting is very similar to quinella betting, where the order of the horses is not important. The importance of finishing order is the significant difference between a duet bet and exacta betting. There are also similarities to trifecta betting in that both bets revolve around the first three places; however, the definition of a trifecta is the first three in order, quite different to a duet.

Betting application

Duet betting can be a fun way to get started with online betting. Of all the exotic pari-mutuel bet types, duet bets are the easiest to win.