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Best Betting Apps 2021

With more and more people turning to betting on a mobile phone, betting apps are becoming an important factor in deciding which UK bookmaker you should bet with.

That is why we have created a list to showcase the best online sports betting apps and app features, for an iOS and Android phone.

The table below lists the best UK betting apps.

Not every bookmaker has a mobile app, although it is expected that those who don’t currently offer one will have to change their ways very soon. With player habits changing to be more accustomed to using betting apps, not having one could prove to be a crucial error for upcoming online sports betting companies.

To some players, a betting app may not be necessary, in which case this page might be of no interest to you. For others, it is worth a read to see whether a betting app download should be the next step for you. Betting apps are beneficial for all types of betting, whether its horse racing betting, cricking betting, or different betting types like betting exchange, cash out feature, bet builder, acca betting etc.

Our betting apps page is to not only show you the obvious betting apps, like William Hill and Paddy Power, but to also display some of the less popular ones, that have some real money bonuses that can benefit you.

Why are Betting Apps Popular?

The simple reason for this is convenience. People turned to betting online because they didn’t want to travel to their local betting shop, a bet online meant they didn’t need to leave their house. Now we are at the stage where people don’t want to turn on the computer and bet, instead, they just get their phone out of their pocket and log on to their betting app to place a wager.

Simple Betting Within Seconds

Why are Betting Apps Popular?Anyone wanting to bet on a mobile phone that has a betting app installed on it can do so within seconds. Simply take the phone out of your pocket, unlock it, find your betting app and away you go. With just a few clicks on the screen, you can have the next horse racing, Premier League football or anything else you want to bet on in the palm of your hand.

Take your Betting with You

The other advantage is that you don’t need to be at home to place a bet. If you are out with friends, at work, on the commute to work or anywhere else you can bet with your phone. This takes the convenience factor to a whole new level. We don’t go anywhere without our mobile phones, and as long as you have that and an internet connection, you can place bets.

Bet at Sporting Events

Gone are the days when you needed to bet before you went to watch your football team play, or place sports bets in the morning before you went to watch the horse racing. Now you can bet while you are there. From the comfort of your seat in the football ground to being trackside at the horse racing, simply take out your phone and place your bets.

What Makes a Good Betting App?

If you are new to betting through your phone or you have never done it and want to give it a try, then here are some things to look out for from the betting apps that are available.


On many occasions when you place a bet through your mobile phone you are going to be out of the house or using it because you don’t have much time. This means that speed is vitally important and one of the biggest factors to look at when choosing an online bookmaker specifically because of their betting app. Look out for ones that have a reputation for being fast and allowing you to flick through the betting markets and get a bet on.


When you bet on a sporting bet app, some of the time it will be because that is your only method of betting. If this is a case, you don’t want it to not work and let you down. From time to time, every company in the world will have a problem with their software, but these are few and far between. Look for a bookmaker that has a great record when it comes to reliability.

Ease of Use

We all want things to be as simple as possible. Look out for betting sites who have an app that is set out in a similar way to their website, especially if you have been betting through that site. This means you won’t have to learn anything new; you can understand the app and how it works because you have seen something very similar on their website.

Features to Make the App Even Quicker

The very best betting apps will have features that others don’t, and these make them even quicker and easier to use.

Quick Deposits

If you want a bet and don’t have the funds then the best betting apps should allow you to make a quick deposit using a payment method that is stored on your account through your bet slip while you are placing the bet. This makes the whole transaction a lot faster and easier, completing the deposit and bet placement in one function.

Quick Links

These can’t be for every single sport, but the very big event should have quick links to them on the landing page of the app. Some have these at the top of the menu, others in the centre of the page but look out for them, if you bet on the most common sports and events then you are likely to be able to reach them with just one click.

Betting Offers

Look out for betting offers on a mobile app. You should be able to use the same offers as players on the website, and on top of that, you may find some mobile-specific offers that are exclusive for those that bet through the app. If this is the case, take advantage of these as you are getting something that not every punter will get.

Bookmaker Offers Via Betting Apps

The good news for punters who bet with bookmakers that have a wide range of deals and special offers is that these can be used via a betting app. This means if you already bet on a computer, you can take advantage of the same offers you are doing now, but do it through a mobile app. For those that are new to online betting, if you want to exclusively use a mobile app you can, and the available free bets will all be on display for you.

The Complete Mobile Betting App Service

The best UK betting apps should offer you a complete service from start to finish, here is what to expect:

Sign Up

If you wish to sign up with a new bookmaker using their mobile app then you can do this. If you are going to bet exclusively using a mobile app, this means you will never have to log on using a computer if you don’t wish to.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds

This is vitally important. The best betting apps will all allow you to quickly make deposits into your account, and if you win you will be able to make withdrawals back to your payment method without the need for a computer.

Bet Pre-Match & In-Play

Alongside placing regular bets before the event starts, you should also be able to log in and bet on the in-play betting markets that are available. In-play betting is all about speed, so look out for fast betting sports apps that can deal with your requests.

Take Advantage of Offers

Many bookmakers have great offers available to their players. It is imperative that when betting on their mobile app you can take advantage of these. There is even the chance of special offers for those betting on the app exclusively, so look out for these.

Check Your Account

From taking a look at bets you have that are active to looking at past winnings, profit and loss for a period of time or something else, you should have full access to your account on a mobile app. There are more and more people analysing their betting and these facts and figures are certainly a help when doing that.

Read Form and Anything Else of Interest

If you log onto your mobile app to bet on horse racing, you should be able to access recent form and perhaps even tipster analysis. This is the same for football and other sports too, this should all be to hand. You get this when betting via a computer, and the same should be available when betting on an app to give you every chance of placing some winning bets.

Use tools and resources

You can use tools and resources to make your mobile betting experience better. It may be that you regularly use a betting odds calculator to calculate your winning returns or you want to read up on a particular bet type. All of this can be achieved using a mobile application.

Watch and Listen to Live Action

Whether it is a live stream or simply radio commentary, there should be some way in which you can access the action via a betting app. With a strong internet connection, you should have no trouble watching a live stream if one is available, allowing you to keep up with things and cheer on the bets you have placed.

iOS & Android Betting

Betting apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. There are a range of iOS devices that accept betting apps, including iPhones, iPods, iPads. As well as Android, where it can be smartphone and tablet devices. The Android apps and iOS apps can be downloaded from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store. It is free to download betting applications and the betting platforms are navigated in the same way as the websites. For example, if you downloaded the SkyBet app, you would use it in exactly the same way as the website. You can access different sports like horse betting, find betting guides, claim deposit bonuses in exactly the same way when using bookie apps.


Is comparing mobile betting apps important?

Yes! If you intend to place some or all of your bets through a mobile app then it should be one of the first things you look at when you are trying to find a new bookmaker.

Why should I use a betting app?

This is all down to convenience. In a world where we all have little time spare to place bets, you want to be able to do it as quickly as possible. A mobile betting app gives you the chance to pull out your phone from your pocket and place bets within seconds, saving valuable time.

What is the difference between a betting app and a mobile betting site?

An app has been specially designed by the bookmaker for accepting bets. The mobile site is the same as their main website but optimised to work on small screens. If you intend to bet regularly on a mobile device then downloading an app will allow you to bet quicker, great for those who are short on time.

Do bookmakers have special offers for betting app punters?

From time to time, bookmakers will offer something to their mobile customers. This is all in an attempt to get more of their players downloading and using the app, but it is something you can take advantage of when it happens.

What features make up the best betting app?

Look out for apps that have a quick sign in, the ability to make deposits quickly, fast loading betting markets, good betting offers and a reliable service, this forms the base of any good mobile betting app.

Can I sign up to a bookmaker through their mobile app?

Yes, you can, and this is one of the quickest ways to sign up with one. If you are intending to bet solely through the mobile gambling app then you can download it, sign up on there and bet straight away to save you from ever going on a computer.