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What is the Top Fluc?

Top Fluc is a racing bet type that guarantees the bettor the best fluctuation for their selected runner during official betting on the race.

Top Fluc bets must be placed before the betting ring opens, usually 30 minutes before the race start. Top Fluc is also called the top fluctuation, Best Fluc or best fluctuation.

Top Fluctuation is a highly useful bet type because it guarantees punters the best price bet in the betting ring.

Top Fluc betting example

Top Fluc betting explained

The example shows the fixed price fluctuations from the betting ring in the lead up to a fictional race involving Winx, Black Caviar and Phar Lap. Prices on show include the opening price, the first fluctuation and the official starting price. The Top Fluc prices are the highest of all of those fluctuations.

The following betting sites offer Top Fluc betting

Advantages of betting using Top Fluc

It’s never easy to predict when the highest price is on offer. There are many times when the best fluctuation pays significantly higher than the starting price (SP) making it a great bet type to use when Best of the Best (BOB) is not available. One advantage Top Fluc has over BOB is that it is generally available when using free bet money.

Alternatives to Top Fluc betting

As stated, if available, use Best of the Best. It may be possible to secure a higher price by placing a Best Tote bet, especially if the odds are greater than $10. The other betting product worthy of mention is the Top Tote Plus product, which pays the higher of the best tote price or the official starting price.