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How to place a bet

Bettor up! You’ve done your homework, you’ve learned all about betting so it’s time to get started. You can place a bet with a bookmaker: in person, via telephone, online or using an App. Placing bets on a betting exchange is performed online, via telephone or using an App.

Get set to bet: how to place a bet in person

If you’re at the races or at a TAB, check out your form guide. Make your predictions, decide the outcome you want to bet on, consider the odds and your stake. (It’s a good idea to consider the probability and potential win/loss before you hand over your hard earned cash.) /p>

Then you simply visit the bookmaker or TAB in person, tell the cashier your selections. Cashiers can be very helpful, and will give you details on your potential wins if you ask.

You’ll then receive a betting ticket, which you keep and if you win, return to the bookie/TAB to collect your winnings. (If you lose, toss it.)

How to place a bet with a betting exchange

Betfair is the major betting exchange in Australia. You can access it via a desktop or download the app. Set up an account, then:

  • Click the blue column to back a side or horse
  • Click the pink for a lay bet

Your matched bet will be accepted and you’ll either win or lose. If you win, Betfair takes a commission from your winnings.

Learn more about betting with Betfair.

How to place a bet online or with an app

Betting with an app or online is easy. Simply choose a licensed bookmaker and open an account. You will be required to deposit funds into a bookmaker account to get started.

Then it’s time to bet!

  • Follow the links to choose your sport of choice and choose your desired outcome from the limitless opportunities. These could include your desired team winning, an individual win or a horse winning a race.
  • Consider the odds and your potential returns or losses.
  • Nominate your stake – say a $10 bet on a horse to win a race or your team to win a game.
  • Fill in any relevant fields to confirm your bet, and review the details to confirm and you’re all set.
  • Any winnings you enjoy will be automatically credited to your account.

Pro Tip

When opening an account with a betting site, make your initial cash deposit low. You can always top up funds later. It’s a good idea to regularly withdraw winnings too, keeping your cash in your own pocket rather than with a bookmaker.

How to bet on horse racing

Horse racing betting offers a wondrous variety of different bet options, but it’s a good idea for a beginner to start with a simple place or each-way bet. That way, you maximise your chances of winning on your very first bet.

Start by choosing your horse and how much you are willing to wager. Consider the odds and your potential return or loss. Now you are ready to place your bet. Via an app or online you can click on the links to make your specifications.

In person with a bookmaker or the TAB, you will specify:

  • race course
  • race number
  • horse number
  • type of bet
  • amount you wish to wager

For example you might say: “Flemington (see Pro Tip), race four, horse number one, each way bet, $10.”

You will then receive a betting ticket, which you keep until the race is over. If you win, return to the bookmaker or TAB to collect your winnings.

Pro Tip

When betting on horse racing in person, only specify the race track if you are placing a bet elsewhere. (For example you are at Flemington but betting on a race at Randwick.) Otherwise the bookie will assume that you’re betting on a the local track.