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First goalscorer betting

First goalscorer betting is where the bookmaker fields a market on the player to score the first goal of a match. It is a popular bet type in AFL betting but is also available for NRL betting, only the market is then called ‘First Tryscorer’.

First goalscorer rules

Placing a bet on a first goalscorer market is relatively simple. All you need to do is select the player that you believe will score the first goal of the match. If a behind is the first score of a match, then the bet remains open until a player kicks the first goal.

The sports bet type can also be engineered to become the first goal scored by a player from a particular team; this is a separate market to the primary goal scorer of the match.

Betting sites that offer First Goalscorer betting

First goalscorer each way

Betting agencies now offer each way betting on first goal bets, although it is a form of promotion. With first goal each way betting, the bookmaker will provide odds of roughly one-third of the price, if the selected player scores a goal at some point during the first quarter, half, or at any point during the match. The criteria will differ between betting sites, as will the payout.

Each way first goal betting is popular with European football, where the likelihood that a player scores a goal at any point is slim. Hence, the bookie can offer each way odds.

AFL first goalscorer

For AFL first goalscorer betting, the likelihood a player scores a goal at any point during the game is fairly high, and so each way betting is not normally offered. However, bookies will from time to time run a promotion on first goal bets, where if the player doesn’t kick the first goal, but kicks one during the match, they will offer a bonus bet refund.