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What is first four betting?

First four betting requires the bettor to select runners to fill the top four positions in a race, in the correct finishing order.

It is very similar to trifecta betting except that you must correctly select the first four place getters and not just the first three. It is tough to win a first four bet as the number of possible combinations, and the bet cost is very high. As such, the winning dividends are also often very high, the winning 2018 Melbourne Cup first four bet paid $42,925.50!

First four betting example

First four betting example

The first four example above shows a bet where the bettor has selected one horse to finish in the first place, four horses for second place, then five horses for 3rd and 4th places. The cost of placing this particular bet is $48 for a full $1 unit, as there are 48 possible combinations for the selected horses to finish in the first four.

By selecting a horse ‘one out’ for first place, the number of possible combinations, and bet cost is reduced significantly.

The following betting sites offer Top Fluc betting

All of the leading Australian bookmakers now offer first four betting. Be aware that the dividends for some first four bets can be well over six figures; some bookmakers cap their payouts at $25,000 or $50,000. The TAB has no limit on its maximum payouts.

Boxed first four

A boxed first four allows you to select any number of runners to fill the first four places, and; those runners can finish in any order within the first four. The first four is very similar to a boxed trifecta.

Box first four flexi bet

A popular first four bet choice is to combine a boxed first four with a flexi bet. This combination allows you to control the cost of the wager by choosing a bet amount, or percentage, that is affordable. Our first four calculator can calculate the cost of any first four combination, with the option of incorporating a flexi bet.

Betting application

First four betting is readily available when betting in Australia. Tread warily with first four betting, as it is highly unlikely you will be successful in the short term. You have the same theoretical chance of winning a quaddie, only the betting pools for quaddie bets are often greater.