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What is a double bet?

A double bet combines two single win bets over two separate horse races.

The bettor must select the winner of each of the two nominated daily double races for the bet to be successful. The daily double is the Australian colloquial term for double betting. A double bet can be either; a tote betting product with a pari-mutuel pool or a bookmaker can offer it in the form of a 2-leg multi bet. A daily double is also called a double.

Double betting example

double betting explained

The example shows a daily double bet where the bettor has selected two horses to win the first leg and five horses to win the second leg. The bet will be successful if the bettor’s selections win both races. The cost of the bet is $10 as there are ten possible winning combinations.

Double betting is offered by the following betting agencies

Cost of placing double bets

The cost of a double bet is calculated by multiplying the number of selections in the 1st leg by the number of selections in the 2nd leg. If the bettor only selects one horse in each leg, the bet will cost $1. Our double calculator does all of the computing for you.

What is a running double bet?

A running double is similar to a daily double except that the running double generally involves two consecutive races whereas the daily double is any two races as nominated by the tote or bookmaker.

Similar bet types

A double bet is very similar to a quaddie bet, except there are two legs whereas a quaddie has four. It is also very similar to treble betting, that involves correctly selecting the winner of three nominated races.