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First four calculator

Calculate the cost of your First four bets.

First Four calculator

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How to calculate the cost of a First Four bet

A First four bet requires you to select the first four finishers in a horse race in correct order. The calculation method varies depending on what type of First four bet you place: boxed, standout, roving banker or normal. For box First four bets, you multiply the number of selections for 1st place, 2nd place (minus 1), 3rd place (minus 2) and fourth place (minus 3). If you box six horses in a First four bet, it will cost 6 x (6-1) x (6-2) x (6-3) = $360 for a full $1 unit.

Box First four quick cost guide

No. of runners45678910
Cost (full unit)$24$120$360$840$1,680$3,024$5,040

Flexi First four cost

If you place a flexi First four bet, you can limit the cost of bet in exchange for a smaller percentage of the winning dividend. For example, a 50% First four bet where you box six horses would cost $180 as opposed to $360.