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Odds converter

Use our odds converter to convert decimal, fractional and moneyline odds.


Implied probability

Betting odds converter

Our odds converter allows you to convert between decimal, fractional and moneyline odds. The key constant with betting odds is implied probability, the odds may look different but the probability of the outcome winning is the same.

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Different types of betting odds

Odds are displayed differently in different countries and sports betting websites worldwide. For example, the United Kingdom has traditionally used fractional odds. However, in mainland Europe, decimal odds are the norm. To complicate matters further, moneyline odds are used in the United States. Our odds conversion tool displays the odds across all three different formats.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds originated in the United Kingdom and are primarily used there today. Fractional odds are sometimes known as ‘Traditional’ or ‘British’ odds. The price quoted by the bookmaker about an outcome is quoted as a fraction, hence the name fractional.

One difference between decimal and fractional odds is that the stake is not displayed in the quote price for fractional odds.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are used mostly in mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Odds are displayed in decimal format. The total return (stake + winnings is included in the quote).

Moneyline (American) odds

The Moneyline system, sometimes referred to as American Odds, is used throughout the United States of America. Reading the odds varies depending on whether there is a minus (-) sign or a positive (+) sign displayed before the price. If a minus (-) is displayed, this number represents the total amount that is needed to be staked to win $100.

A positive or plus (+) sign in front of the odds quote means that the odds displayed indicate the winnings that will be returned from a $100 bet.